Friday, October 22, 2010

What a mouthful !!

Those gleaming strings ...that intricacy ...that meticulous dexterity....that fatal WEB !

Seemingly an ordinary commonplace presence of the sort of conglomeration .But as the sight caught hold of the view ,the footsteps halted with a start.

There in the middle of that amazing weaving lay a lethal spider with a fat
abdomen ,declaring loud, its gluttonous capacity,its sumptuous appetite and the generosity with which nature was at its disposal.
The web bouncing with the jerks that our hero administered to its prey ,in its voracious jabs that it allowed itself in consuming it .
While another spider ,a compatriot standing no  chance ,for its tiny size ,yet awaiting to  snatch an opportunity to get some chunks by hook or crook .

As our eyes roved through this interesting territoriality ,they caught sight of a mini meal
packed neatly ,on one far end of the web ,in advance ,for the ever voracious
owner of the kingdom .

Right then ,landed another ,innocent little black stinkbug ,out of the blue ,least expecting to be prepared into a packed meal instantly ,meant for consumption at a later hour .Just two sticky strings of the web ,had done the job for our mighty one ,progressing towards its hapless prey menacingly .Those two mere strings that had it handcuffed ,had proclaimed its portentous fate ,loud enough ,that all its struggle was to  come to an end .As our all equipped master wouldn't spare an iota of  hope ,for the slightest movement of its limbs possible.And within two to three seconds ,the job was accomplished .

While i met  with a strong urge ,to save the life of the hapless one,something within prevented me from doing it .I realised it wouldn't have meant much within the bigger  picture: Who after all was i in the scheme of the whole cosmic dance of life and death,to lend a hand ,which would more have been that of interference rather than help.!

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