Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What celebration...?

"What are you waiting for !!! An invitation from the next door peacock !!
Go out and celebrate your existence.."(-imploration from a well wisher)

I was impelled to inquire:of the ways to celebrate,
than to wait for the peacock next door...

Is Celebration...

Being happy ...with what life has offered to you..?
is it trying to create ways to acquire,what you think will give you happiness?
Is it in the process discovering the truth behind the conclusions of
assumed happiness?
The skepticism that one builds up over the worn out ways that have
created the illusion of it..
and have cheated man from time immemorial,
or the desire to strengthen the ability to withhold, when it again beguiles you
with the novelty of the exhausted; the tried and the tested ?..
The beaten track with something of the impact of the River Lethe..(1)
that casts a spell,and hypnotizes you into a Lotus Valley,(2)
prevents you from the fact of the passage of time...
"It always seems afternoon..."(3)
so captivating that it becomes impossible to see through it..

Want for once to be filled with what feels like 

the ultimate toast to celebration
the spirit that finds no death,
hails from the land of permanence,.
joy born out of the perennial,
and then the intensity 

to the whirl of celebration
finds itself,
from where there is no looking back.

1. Classical allusion- (the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and
oblivion, with whom the river was often identified )
2. A place where the desire to escape from life could be delivered
through a state of euphoria induced by the consumption of the lotus
3..An example of metaphor is when Tennyson tells us that in the land
of the Lotos eaters 'it always seemed afternoon'. Tennyson wants us to
think of afternoons as relaxed
    times when nobody seems to be in a hurry (people hurry mainly in
the morning). So this is a metaphore afternoon :: 'me time'.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Predictable unpredictability

The need to have them stay an arms length
 who disown you most unpredictably
 and whose unpredictability
 strangely becomes predictable
 and raises the call,
 intense call for wriggling oneself from the
 self created claustrophobic clasp.
 Stand erect and tall
 towering above those taller than you
 weighing stronger than those heavier than you.

 Oh,what a feeling of liberation
 From those dry winds blowing scorchingly
 from the most arid deserts around
 Alternating with the frosty ones
 from the unrelenting icy lands.
 And here has been a fool who fails to do away
 with the uninhabitable habitats,
 for some stupid conditioning's sake.
 Offering one's precious devotions to the
 lifeless stones,mistakenly assumed to have
 life and warmth and love...

 may this being create a new avatar of herself
 and find that all new being
 be the snake woman shedding the
 old skin and creating the new from within.

 Shed in the process all glamorized image of her
 own self too ...can she afford to be dishonest ?

Am i so important ?

i am so important !
Am i really important ?
 Did  ever feel significant ?
 I knew i needed to be around ,
 that, I was required.

 But ,had i really felt i was important ?
 I did !
 For once I did !
 It was my child whose love did it to me ...
 Whose need of my love n attention shook me into the feeliing

 And i felt i mattered ,
 my love to this lill being mattered
 the absence of which might shrivel her being
 And my existence acquired a whole new meaning
 in the light of the need and love of this loving lovely soul...

Unknot this self !

Has the ego drenched
 arrogance strutting peacockien fool
 not been ranting at something
 endlessly,and not moved an inch
 from where it cried its first call ?

 The musical out pours,
 the painterly and  sculptorly catwalks,
 and finally the roving on the landscapes of paper sheets
 on the wheels of these pens and pencils-
 has it all led to any distance been covered ?
 Or has been just the rowing of the oars
 while the boat was still tied at the ignorant shore !

 Open oh Lord, I implore
 open the knots invisible to the blind eyes
 of the ranting fool..
 sprinkle just some more illumination
 to the path that leads to where heads the final

Are we game ?

Was it all for this ?
 Was it going to lead to something as unwanted as this?
 Was there a pretension to herself ?
 Or how else can such a being justify innocence ?

 Where else would it have led her to ?
 The path was evidently slippery.
 Yet the thrill of the slide was difficult to resist ..
 Even if the base of it was filled with a puddle of stinking mud ?

 Why, to begin with,had she justified it to be a stinking puddle ?
 Wasn't there some contamination  of hypocrisy ?
 Rather ignorance...?
 For if she were to charge herself with it ,
 she was charging the whole of humanity with it.
 For so many of us ,rather most of us do fall
 a prey .

 Is it then a falling a prey to ones hypocrisy,
 or is it ,to our ignorance ?
 Ignorance born out of a refusal to open ones eyes
 when the danger is crystal clear;
 born out of blocking those ears when danger
 was screaming out loud.
 Just because the pleasure of that moment
 demanded that we refuse to pay heed.

 Oh ,my lord !
 Are we then meant to meet our doom
 crafted most pathetically with
 our own creative and artistic fingers ?

 Just because we have the numbers on our side,
 doesn't prove our being right .
 The concoction is deadly and poisonous,
 and we have it within our might to
 fling it aside ,
 if we chose to ,but calls for all the strength of purpose,
 The might of all fingers and toes put together...

 Are we then game ?

the journey goes on...

the journey goes on much is deciphered ..from the familiar or unfamiliar
milestones covered..i wonder ...the desire to learn is there..but how
intense i wonder...
life has its clever ways of deluding one from the search to blocking
oneself against several road blocks.
things and happenings shed amazing illuminating rays on truth,yet the
light disappears within no time..
how strange is that ? i wonder... and why is that i wonder...

just why and how can we let ourselves be deluded into the hazy zone
,once the direction of lights reveal itself ?
Just how can we render ourselves into such weaklings, who prepare to
fall again,the moment they learnt to raise ?
Running after the "golden dear" ,shan't it cease ? before the reserves
of energy and time run out ?
will i become an adult before i finally turn old ?

want to sit with myself allowing deep dives within the depths of the
oceans hiding secrets within
want to intensely stay under the surface without giving in to the fear
of asphyxiation..
shall we dear friend ?

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sour Grapes

The effervescence of the new peg just poured:
Here for you :

The wheat from the chaff,
the separation is paramount.
But the inquiries for that
need gain momentum,
gain intensity within.

The real want of this life ?
Translating into the need for
fame ,money , power on one hand
visavis peace and truth on the other ?
can the questions find bigger place
within this conscious self on a day to day basis,
and from there moment to moment...

Ah ! That is like a colossal destination,
transforming the inquiry into
absolute intensity that the entire universe
is coerced into solving it for you
devoting itself to work towards providing those answers
for your looking up to something above, for them .
trusting some source more than your limited being
for the answers to questions bigger than you.

That couldn't have been a sour grapes story
ranting itself under the garb of grandeur
of the inquisition,the exploration ?