Monday, February 2, 2015

Drop your guards!!

At one point it felt like
she was left with no desire
at preserving trust remnants..
The world seemed too often
overwhelmingly difficult to withstand...
These ever mounting waves that
looked and seemed friendly
inviting her a splashing interaction
had stuff like stinking jellyfish
lurking in there...
Smiles she greeted them with,
progressively erased rudely...

Cowering in the dark den
wanting invisibility
seemed like the only option left...

Vigilance, all empowered vigilance
towards one and all seemed like the
only option...
Though so difficult to be
armed with such heavyweight artillery
and shields all the time
did she have an option
she wondered...

And came the reply 'NO'
in emphatic capitals... cannot drop guards
against anybody...
And that includes
yourself along...

can you?
Answer my dear!

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