Wednesday, July 18, 2012

What celebration...?

"What are you waiting for !!! An invitation from the next door peacock !!
Go out and celebrate your existence.."(-imploration from a well wisher)

I was impelled to inquire:of the ways to celebrate,
than to wait for the peacock next door...

Is Celebration...

Being happy ...with what life has offered to you..?
is it trying to create ways to acquire,what you think will give you happiness?
Is it in the process discovering the truth behind the conclusions of
assumed happiness?
The skepticism that one builds up over the worn out ways that have
created the illusion of it..
and have cheated man from time immemorial,
or the desire to strengthen the ability to withhold, when it again beguiles you
with the novelty of the exhausted; the tried and the tested ?..
The beaten track with something of the impact of the River Lethe..(1)
that casts a spell,and hypnotizes you into a Lotus Valley,(2)
prevents you from the fact of the passage of time...
"It always seems afternoon..."(3)
so captivating that it becomes impossible to see through it..

Want for once to be filled with what feels like 

the ultimate toast to celebration
the spirit that finds no death,
hails from the land of permanence,.
joy born out of the perennial,
and then the intensity 

to the whirl of celebration
finds itself,
from where there is no looking back.

1. Classical allusion- (the Greek spirit of forgetfulness and
oblivion, with whom the river was often identified )
2. A place where the desire to escape from life could be delivered
through a state of euphoria induced by the consumption of the lotus
3..An example of metaphor is when Tennyson tells us that in the land
of the Lotos eaters 'it always seemed afternoon'. Tennyson wants us to
think of afternoons as relaxed
    times when nobody seems to be in a hurry (people hurry mainly in
the morning). So this is a metaphore afternoon :: 'me time'.

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