Tuesday, April 19, 2011

the new dawn

Another new dawn…
 after days of dense clouds…
Storms…screeching winds…
But she was safe in the haven of the
Small seemingly frail cottage …
The cottage she never trusted ,as capable
Of taking care of her .

There were times  when she heedlessly left the safty of it
And endangered herself venturing outside .
Everytime she realized she would resolve allover again,not to leave the reigns within
And promise not to venture out .
But how many times her fear within wouldn’t let her hang on
And she would be a victim to anxiety driven actions  of Escape.

Escapes into illusions of hope and security, from anything or anybody
Outside of herself seemingly capable of rescuing her .
But how? How could anybody or thing ever provide s ,shelter
When she was running ,from none other than herself ?
And the day she saw ,nothing could be held responsible for not lending a rescuing hand …
…was the day of a new dawn .The fresh morning that failed to threaten her with the fear
 of culminating into another stormy night .

She saw ,that that seemingly frail cottage ,none other than her real self
Was far stronger ,than her supposition.
No more had she the need to cater to the tantrums of the silly child within,
which at some point refused to grow up, would always want her lollypop as her sop,
without which putting a hold on those howls was out of question .

And gratitude to those who seemed cruel ?
Instrumental, weren’t they ,in the ripening of that consciousness?
Who seemed to wriggle their fingers free of her ,hands ever latching ?
And just when she thought there was no hope
Whoa…She emerges into her new avatar?

A being shielded strong ,to be ever  bogged down by any of the ever bloating, monstrous illusions !
Ah ! They ultimately were discovered in their nude ?
In the light bright enough not to let any lies further remain unearthed 


  1. hi this is Neelu. Lovely work!Shakeu ki yaad aa gayi...(apna Shakespeare)

  2. thou have planted seeds of doubt in my mind ,my sire . Doth thou really intend to pass on thine exaltation or pokest redicule at mine attempt?