Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Sour Grapes

The effervescence of the new peg just poured:
Here for you :

The wheat from the chaff,
the separation is paramount.
But the inquiries for that
need gain momentum,
gain intensity within.

The real want of this life ?
Translating into the need for
fame ,money , power on one hand
visavis peace and truth on the other ?
can the questions find bigger place
within this conscious self on a day to day basis,
and from there moment to moment...

Ah ! That is like a colossal destination,
transforming the inquiry into
absolute intensity that the entire universe
is coerced into solving it for you
devoting itself to work towards providing those answers
for your looking up to something above, for them .
trusting some source more than your limited being
for the answers to questions bigger than you.

That couldn't have been a sour grapes story
ranting itself under the garb of grandeur
of the inquisition,the exploration ?

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