Tuesday, July 3, 2012

the journey goes on...

the journey goes on ..how much is deciphered ..from the familiar or unfamiliar
milestones covered..i wonder ...the desire to learn is there..but how
intense i wonder...
life has its clever ways of deluding one from the search to blocking
oneself against several road blocks.
things and happenings shed amazing illuminating rays on truth,yet the
light disappears within no time..
how strange is that ? i wonder... and why is that i wonder...

just why and how can we let ourselves be deluded into the hazy zone
,once the direction of lights reveal itself ?
Just how can we render ourselves into such weaklings, who prepare to
fall again,the moment they learnt to raise ?
Running after the "golden dear" ,shan't it cease ? before the reserves
of energy and time run out ?
will i become an adult before i finally turn old ?

want to sit with myself allowing deep dives within the depths of the
oceans hiding secrets within
want to intensely stay under the surface without giving in to the fear
of asphyxiation..
shall we dear friend ?

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