Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Are we game ?

Was it all for this ?
 Was it going to lead to something as unwanted as this?
 Was there a pretension to herself ?
 Or how else can such a being justify innocence ?

 Where else would it have led her to ?
 The path was evidently slippery.
 Yet the thrill of the slide was difficult to resist ..
 Even if the base of it was filled with a puddle of stinking mud ?

 Why, to begin with,had she justified it to be a stinking puddle ?
 Wasn't there some contamination  of hypocrisy ?
 Rather ignorance...?
 For if she were to charge herself with it ,
 she was charging the whole of humanity with it.
 For so many of us ,rather most of us do fall
 a prey .

 Is it then a falling a prey to ones hypocrisy,
 or is it ,to our ignorance ?
 Ignorance born out of a refusal to open ones eyes
 when the danger is crystal clear;
 born out of blocking those ears when danger
 was screaming out loud.
 Just because the pleasure of that moment
 demanded that we refuse to pay heed.

 Oh ,my lord !
 Are we then meant to meet our doom
 crafted most pathetically with
 our own creative and artistic fingers ?

 Just because we have the numbers on our side,
 doesn't prove our being right .
 The concoction is deadly and poisonous,
 and we have it within our might to
 fling it aside ,
 if we chose to ,but calls for all the strength of purpose,
 The might of all fingers and toes put together...

 Are we then game ?

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