Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Predictable unpredictability

The need to have them stay an arms length
 who disown you most unpredictably
 and whose unpredictability
 strangely becomes predictable
 and raises the call,
 intense call for wriggling oneself from the
 self created claustrophobic clasp.
 Stand erect and tall
 towering above those taller than you
 weighing stronger than those heavier than you.

 Oh,what a feeling of liberation
 From those dry winds blowing scorchingly
 from the most arid deserts around
 Alternating with the frosty ones
 from the unrelenting icy lands.
 And here has been a fool who fails to do away
 with the uninhabitable habitats,
 for some stupid conditioning's sake.
 Offering one's precious devotions to the
 lifeless stones,mistakenly assumed to have
 life and warmth and love...

 may this being create a new avatar of herself
 and find that all new being
 be the snake woman shedding the
 old skin and creating the new from within.

 Shed in the process all glamorized image of her
 own self too ...can she afford to be dishonest ?

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