Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Unknot this self !

Has the ego drenched
 arrogance strutting peacockien fool
 not been ranting at something
 endlessly,and not moved an inch
 from where it cried its first call ?

 The musical out pours,
 the painterly and  sculptorly catwalks,
 and finally the roving on the landscapes of paper sheets
 on the wheels of these pens and pencils-
 has it all led to any distance been covered ?
 Or has been just the rowing of the oars
 while the boat was still tied at the ignorant shore !

 Open oh Lord, I implore
 open the knots invisible to the blind eyes
 of the ranting fool..
 sprinkle just some more illumination
 to the path that leads to where heads the final

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